Posted on: June 5, 2008 3:58 pm

Parity or mediocrity?

Ok- so everyone loves the NFL and the "parity" around the league.  I can't help but wonder if this is really parity- or just a collection of mediocre teams with some a little better than others.

Calm down 18-1 Patriot fans.  I do think you're mediocre, but you're on the top of the mediocre pile.

"But- dynasty- dynasty!!"  I know, I know... but do you realize that every Superbowl you won was on a last second field goal?  For goodness sake, you squeaked out a "Superbowl" title against Carolina- Carolina?? Really?

I am a die-hard Geen Bay fan (yes- from Pittsburgh and I really don't like the Steelers)... let's think about this:  The Pack was a game away from the Superbowl- the Superbowl- with Ryan Grant at running back and Atari Bigby in the secondary.  Favre was throwing deep to... to... Donald Driver?  Driver is a real good receiver- but is he great?  Favre rolled out and hit Donald Lee in the flat.  Donald Lee?

Nick Barnett is a pretty good MLB, but the man whiffs as much as he wraps- and Brady Poppinga was holding down the weakside...

Was this really a team worthy of a Superbowl?  Do the Giants really strike you as a championship team?

Maybe I'm stuck in the early 90's when teams had three or four HOFers (see Aikman, Emmitt, and Irvin- Young, Rice, and Ricky Watters [I know- Ricky isn't in the HOF- but you see my point]- Jim Kelly, Squirmin' Thurman, and Andre Reed).  I just feel like the last of the "quality" Superbowl teams left when John Elway destroyed my senior year in college and handed the ball to Terrell Davis enough to beat Favre and Company in January of 98.   After that we've seen the Raiders and Buccanneers- the Panthers and Pats, the Steelers and Seahawks... what happened? 

Again I ask- is parity really just a pseudonym for mediocrity? 

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